Next Steps

Next steps for new Christians, believers interested in baptism or members, or folks wanting to join a small group or volunteer team.

New Christians

Did you recently make the decision to surrender your heart to Jesus? Or, maybe you’ve been a Christian for a while, but have rededicated yourself to God’s purposes. Click the “Learn More” button to find resources and get connected with someone who can help you begin your discipleship journey!


Baptism is a celebration and public declaration of one’s decision to follow Jesus. Click the “I Want To Be Baptized” button to fill out our application and a pastor or elder will reach out to you shortly!


The church is a beautiful collection of people with different talents, gifts, and backgrounds brought together by Jesus, Himself. Membership in a local church is a great way to commit to one another in the love and unity of Christ. 

Small Groups

Click the “Next Steps” button to learn more about joining a small group, volunteering, or other possible ways to keep growing as a disciple of Jesus!


As followers of Jesus, we lovingly serve one another and our community. Click the “Join a Team” button to find a group with which you can use your unique gifts to further God’s Kingdom in our community!


Giving tithes and offerings is both an act of faith and gratitude for the giver, as well as a practical way to help support the ministries, and more importantly, the people of Grace Free Church.

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